Tailor-made stays
Thematic tours

Tailor-made stays

Because every traveler is different, our team is at your service to help you create your adventure.

Tailor-made stays

Thematic tours

We assist you in designing a tour that fits your desires, following the field expertise of our advisors and your expectations for a personalized journey.

Whether you want a truly unique adventure for yourself, as a couple, with friends, with family, or on a company retreat to strengthen your team’s bonds, we can make it happen. Want to spend more time discovering rock art? Or experience a spiritual retreat, travel off the beaten path, or immerse yourself for a few days with a nomadic family? It’s all possible!

Contact us to invent your adventure together


  • The possibility to explore the Algerian Sahara alone, as a couple, with family, or friends
  • Tailored service
  • Original itineraries for a unique and unforgettable experience


100% rock art hike
Meeting with nomadic populations
Immersion in the heart of traditional festivals
Sporting treks
Spiritual retreats, yoga and Pilates
Silent retreat
Digital detox
Culinary tour
Family trip
Combined tour
And many more …